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Denver Paving and Maintenance specializes in the installation of new asphalt paving for commercial and multi-family parking lots, HOA roadways and driveways of all sizes. 

It is well known that parking lots in Denver and the surrounding region endureextreme weather conditions. But, successful parking lot maintenance also depends on understanding our clients unique operations, budget, and scheduling needs.

The result is more than just a surface transformation; it is a partnership that delivers, above all, peace of mind. 

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When pavement deteriorates due to lack of maintenance, it can often seem like it's at the end of its overlay-vs-microlifespan and you may think you need to demolish and rebuild from scratch. 

But with an asphalt overlay, you may be able to get more out of your asphalt than you thought possible.

Like a facelift for your pavement, an overlay adds new life to older asphalt, repairing flaws in the existing surface and adding a new layer of pavement to the top  giving it a brand-new appearance for less.

Resurfacing your existing pavement with an asphalt overlay presents a number of benefits to your project  and your bottom line:




Full-Depth Patching

Areas that have become damaged beyond infrared repair or have sub-grade damage, will require full depth patching by removing and replacing the asphalt.

Removal & Replacement
There comes a time in the lifecycle of a paved lot that there is so much damage that the entire asphalt mat must be removed and replaced with brand new asphalt pavement. 

We can saw-cut, breakout, remove, haul away and dispose of your old, worn out asphalt mat at an approved recycle facility and install fresh, new asphalt for you in its place. Is it time for your asphalt?

Parking Lot Repair & Maintenance



Denver  Paving & Maintenance specializes in parking lot maintenance, repair, and construction. 

Our paving professionals will design and build a parking lot based on your needs. 

From smaller lots with lighter traffic to heavy utility lots that require deep-strength paving,the Denver Paving crew can balance the subgrade and finish-grading the aggregate base. 

These essential elements ultimately deliver extraordinary results.

Some of what sets us apart: attention to detail, precision, clean lines, a smooth finish. 

Denver Paving has the new construction workforce has the proper newer equipment and experienced crews.

When asphalt parking lots must be removed and replaced, you need an expert to handle all aspects.

Denver Paving provides durable, cost-effective, and strong replacement paving. 

Denver Crack Sealing



Crack Sealing Services in Denver:

The First Step In Maintenance:

Crack sealing is the best way to maintain the long term durability of your pavement. 

Cracks in the pavement can be caused by many varying weather conditions and if left untreated, can only make matters worse.

 By scheduling regular maintenance with Denver Paving we can save you the hassle 

of having your asphalt Pavement repaired!

Our technicians have the skills and expertise necessary to prevent damage to your pavement. 

Our crack seal service is the best way to protect your property, which can save you time and money in the long run.

 Because of our focus on customer 


Crack sealing can help prevent further deterioration of your parking lot which may also help you avoid more costly repair expenses in the future. 

Denver Seal Coating



Seal Coat Solutions in Denver:

To properly protect your pavement, it is vital that you contact our pavement specialist at Denver Paving to inquire about our seal coating services.

Our seal coating provides exceptional protection for a variety of external elements, as well as possible byproducts left behind by vehicles.

We continually follow the advancements in pavement seal coat products and application methods. 

You can be guaranteed you will receive the best product and application for your specific needs.

Our ability to adapt to the latest pavement maintenance methods and practices, make us the perfect choice to handle your project. 

Don't wait until your asphalt pavement becomes a complete replacement project, contact our office today by calling 

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